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Ushkova Olga was born in Russia, in a Siberian city of Novokuznetsk of Kemerovo Region, 26.09.1971 . She finished Novokuznetsk musical school, class of piano. She worked as a teacher at musical school. Olga started her vocalist carrer in 1989. She has recorded 2 solo albums and made several tours in cities of Russia.

 In 1995 Olga started to sing jazz with a great producer and pianist, an honored artist of the Russian Federation A.M. Berestov.  Since 1995 she has been participating in international jazz festivals: "Jazz at the Old Fortress", International jazz festival in Tomsk city, International festival of vocalists in Moscow, "Baikal Jazz". Olga has been making tours all over Russia. Her voice is of great vocal characteristics. She sings classic jazz and Russian national songs using modern arrangement. Olga Yushkova sang together with Benny Golson, Jannet Parker, Igor Butman, David Goloschyokin, Adam Nusbaum, Sergio Brandao, Jessy Johnson, Rex Richardson, Monty Wators, Leon Ptashko, James Owens and many others.

 Olga is a laureate of All-Russian International Jazz Festivals. Since 2006 she has been a President of a jazz-club «Helicon», a producer of International Festivals "Jazz at the Old fortress". She organizes concerts of Russian and foreign jazz stars. This year Olga is going to record her new album.



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